How to Install Actions in Photoshop (with sample screenshots)

Photoshop Actions are used widely to enhance photo quality and do better photo editing. Photoshop Actions automatically do all the editing for you. All you need to do is select desired action and hit ‘Play’ button. That’s all. But you start using PS  actions, you have to add actions in Photoshop.

How you’d do it?

In this how-to, i am going to teach you how to install photoshop actions easily. Sample screenshots are given to guide you. Let’s do it.

First Step:  Download Photoshop Actions

First download the actions that you want to install in photoshop. You can get Photoshop actions from different websites. Some of them are premium and some are free. Below, i have mentioned some famous websites from where you can download high-quality free photoshop actions. Click on the link and download the actions you like.

 Note: Make sure the action you downloaded is in .ATN format, if it is in zipped folder, extract it.

You can see, in the screenshot, that i’ve downloaded some photoshop actions:

How to Install Actions in Photoshop - First Step

 Second Step:   Run Photoshop and Show ‘Actions’

Now, run Photoshop and open ‘Actions’ window. To do so, click on Window > Actions.

How to Install Actions in Photoshop (with sample screenshots) - step 2

A new window of actions  will open in Photoshop.

Third Step:  Install Action

First Method:  Load Action in Photoshop

You can install action in Photoshop by two methods. First is by loading action in Photoshop. To do so, inside Actions window, click on dropdown button with icon and hit ‘Load Actions…’.

Step-2: Load action in Photoshop

A new window will open – now open the folder where you have downloaded PS actions and select the action you want to install. And then, click on ‘Load’.

first method to install actions in photoshop

Action will get installed in Photoshop and you’ll be able to use it by clicking on ‘Play’ button.

Photoshop Actions

Second Method:  Drag n Drop Action into Photoshop Window

Second method to add actions in Photoshop is by dragging selected actions inside Photoshop window. This way they automatically get installed.

To install actions using this method, open the folder where you have downloaded the actions. Select the action(in .atn format), and drag n drop it into Photoshop window.

Second method to add actions in photoshop

You can select as many actions as want. All of them will be installed after you drop ‘em inside Photoshop window.

You’ve Successfully Added Actions in Photoshop

After you have followed the steps and instructions given in the how-to, PS actions will be successfully added in Photoshop. You will be able to use and play with them.

How to install Photoshop Actions - success

How to install Photoshop Actions


I hope you learned something useful from this article. I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to use photoshop actions effectively. So, keep on visitng our website or better subscribe to our newsletter so you get notified when we publish new tutorial.

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    Cheers and happy Photoshopping!!

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